Lives on the Strand: past, present and creative

Strandlines Digital Community explores one of London’s most famous streets, the Strand, and its past and present communities. This site is an archive from which experiences, memories and reflections about the local area can be retrieved; a gallery where photographs, drawings and films can be viewed. But it is also a place where residents, workers and visitors can engage with one another by sharing stories and images.

Each contribution from a past or present Strand dweller adds a strand to Strandlines Digital Community. On this website you will find many different kinds of strands, traversing a range of themes and places; reflecting upon the present and delving into the past.

If you are new to Strandlines, and would like to contribute to the site, all you need to do is join the Digital Community, log-in, and click on 'add a strand'. 

Explore Strandlines Digital Community; search for Strand stories; add a strand!

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